Spray On Truck Bed Liner by Bullhide Liner

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Bullhide Liner ® Built-to-Last Truck Bed Liners

Bullhide Liner ® has been coating truck beds and many other projects since 1990.  We have our own specialized formulas that we use on most of our projects.   Bullhide Liner ® material is used for heavy-duty industrial jobs, personal vechicles and trailers, commercial jobs and residental jobs.  If you want real protection for your projects, you will only want to use Bullhide Liner ®.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Bullhide Liner ®, you will get the same training and equipment that has been used with all dealers since 1990.

Custom Spray On Truck Bed Liners

Bullhide Liner ® can coat all types of trucks including personal truck beds, dump trucks, utility trucks, commercial trucks, semi trucks, jeeps and farm equipment.   Our professional team can spray almost anything for the best custom spray on truck bed liner, bedliner, or any surface that needs a protective coating to help prevent wear and tear. Simply bring your desired vehicle to our shop for a bid, then set up an appointment and we will take care of the rest. You can also call for a quote over the phone in most cases. This coating minimizes the wear and tear on your truck while providing beauty, longevity and a semi non-slip surface and it is resistant to most chemicals.

Trailer & Container Special Spray on Bedliner Coating

Spray On Truck Bed Liner by Bullhide Liner ® our spray on bedliner is the only liner that you will want to protect your trailer.  Whether your trailer’s substraight is wood, steel, or fiberglass, we can coat it.  We can also protect the outside of your trailers from rock chips and sand blasting. These services are available for all types of  trailers such as cargo trailers, snowmobile trailers and horse trailers.

Spray On Bedliner Rocker Panel And Trim Protective Coating

Minimize rock wear and sand blasting with our protective coating on your rocker panels. In addition to beds and trailers, we offer this service for all types of trucks including tow trucks, utility trucks and dump trucks.