Spray On Pool Liner by Bullhide Liner

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Spray On Pool Liner By Bullhide Liner ®

spray on pool liner spokane by bullhide liner ®

Specialized Spray On Pool Liner Sealer by Bullhide Liner ®

Spray on Pool Liner by Bullhide Liner ® is known for having a thick and solid rubber membrane. This is what seperates Bullhide Liner ® and makes our spray on liner stand out in the pond and pool world.  While we do not warranty it to be water proof, Bullhide Liner ® helps seal pools so they can be enjoyed for many years with less than normal maintenance in some aspects.  Bullhide Liner ® conforms to the surface or substraight that we spray to, eliminating folds, tucks and wrinkles, which is a problem with butel rubber that is most commonly used in today’s market.  By eliminating these fold, wrinkles and tucks, you take away areas where dirt, algae, and other debris can hide. By having a smooth surface it also helps with the ease of cleaning your water features.  Bullhide Liner ® can resist moderate shock treatments in ponds and is also safe for plants and fish.  Spray On Pool Liner by Bullhide Liner ® is a non-hazardous and non-leaching material.

Flexible & Strong Pool Liners Pool Sealers Spray On Applications

Another purpose of using or Rubber Spray On Pool Liner Sealer by Bullhide Liner ® is to give pool the strength and flexibility to withstand the constant movement of the ground during the changing of the seasons and through the harsh winters and summers.

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