Bullhide Liner ® Stomps All Other Liners! Spray on Liners & Protective Coatings

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Mission Statement:

Our mission here at Bullhide Liner ® is to serve the Greater Spokane area with quality products and professionalism.  We feel it is our responsibility to assist our customers with the knowledge and understanding of the coatings we have to offer and how these coatings may help them in the long term protection and beautification of their projects.

We Specialize In: Spray On Liners & Protective Coatings For

Trucks And Trailers

Our trailer and truck bed spray on liners give your vehicle ultimate longevity.

Ponds And Pools

Our spray on pond liners keep your landscape in perfect condition year-round.

Decks And Flooring

Protect your property from the elements with our turnkey spray on liner deck coatings.

Who We Are: Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners

Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners was founded in Spokane Washington.  Bullhide Liner ® has been in business for over 24 years.

Mr. Mike Spring is the owner of Bullhide Liner ®. Mr. Spring started out as the head technician in training and machine fabrication in 1991. Mr. Spring then purchased the Spokane Bullhide Liner ® business in 1999.

Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners are elastomeric urethane coatings.  Any Bullhide Liner ® starts out as a liquid and when mixed with an activator, it becomes a solid rubber coating in 15 seconds.  Using our own specialized formula, we can apply Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners to various substrates:  wood decks, concrete patios, boats and barges, ponds and pools, truck beds, dump trucks, utility trailers, snowmobile trailers and so much more.

Bullhide Liner ® is the primary coating we use for coating commercial, residential and industrial projects, but it is not the only coating we offer.  We utilize coatings from other sources as well such as Sherwin Williams, United Coatings, BASF, Bayer, Rodda Paints, Quest Specialty Coatings and many others.

By using our own specialized formula, we feel confident that we can provide our customers with the highest quality products, personal service and affordable prices.

If you would like information on how to start your own Bullhide Liner ® spray on liners shop, please feel free to call or email.

Rubber Spray On Coatings & Liners

Contact us today with any questions about Bullhide Liner ® Spray On Liners In Spokane & how we can help you with your special liner and protective coating needs. 


bullhide liner spokane